Jovove start

Born in Macedonia, raised in Sweden. I have a background in traditional graphic design and turned to digital mediums during my time as a designer working in Japan. My primary disciplines are user interfaces and design systems, working with both triggers my curiosity to see what is suitable for each context instead of working from a template.

I also love taking my bike out, sneak in illustrations in projects where I can and most recently I've become interested in board games where I'm beginning to learn to maintain a good composure and not get too excited.


Work or other inquires:

I have an extended portfolio with ongoing projects and CV with recommendations upon request.


Sweden Japan Foundation award 2013

Adelbertska scholarship 2013

Adelbertska scholarship 2014


Fangamer X Attract Mode
– PAX Prime Seattle 2015

HDK Masters Exhibition
– Gothenburg 2014

Fangamer (HEART) Attract Mode
– Seattle 2014

Comics VS Games 3
– TCAF Toronto 2014

Fangamer x Attract Mode
– PAX Prime Seattle 2013

Archival Revival
– Gothenburg 2013

No Quarter Exhibition
– New York University 2013

Comics VS Games 2
– TCAF Toronto 2013

Comics VS Games 1
– TCAF Toronto 2012

– Designarkivet, Kalmar 2012